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Pitch Deck advice that results in investor meetings.


Investment process help to secure an investment.


Investors are buried with emails 
Your pitch deck needs to

4 Minutes the average time an investor looks at a pitch deck 


5000 Pitch Decks  the average partner at venture capital firms look at 3-5000+ decks a year

Hello. I'm Gian Seehra

  • I'm the founder here at Pitch Deck Helper

  • I am an ex-entrepreneur where I raised over $16m in fundraising

  • I looked at 3000+ decks a year and conducted 10+ investments into companies during my time at Octopus Ventures, one of Europe's largest venture capital firms, including  companies such as BigHealth ($55m raise), QuitGenius ($80m raised), Skin+Me and Depop (sold to Etsy for $1.6bn)

  • I have been apart of $300m+ worth of venture investments

  • I offer investment presentation, pitch deck and investment process consulting calls on this site for start-up founders. You will only be working with me 

  • Advice begins from £200 per hour



A ‘fundable’ pitch deck is important and spending time on creating a quality document is the reason why entrepreneurs secure a meeting with investors.

I can help you by reviewing your current pitch deck or helping you create a new pitch deck that will get you that first or second meeting with a VC.


During my time at Octopus Ventures I saw that entrepreneurs found it hard to present their ideas in a concise way that fit with the VC way of thinking and usually were falling short due to this.

I will put you through your paces helping you practice your pitch, but also asking the 'hard' questions so you are ready for a proper VC interview. 



Fundraising sucks and takes you away from doing the important stuff: executing on building your business.

I can help you with understanding what an investment process would look like, but more importantly, how to fundraise in a concise and successful manner (e.g. setting up the data room, how to communicate with investors, what investors will ask of the company during the process and the negotiations of the terms sheets). 

I can also provide advice on the referencing and project management of the round during the later stages of an investment process.


I provide honest feedback and actionable insights on your fundraising 

I can help you fundraise better, and faster.

So you can get back to building your business.